James comes from a family of photographers and learned the art of photography in the pre digital days of film, darkrooms, enlargers and trays of chemicals. From an early age he was involved in discussions focusing on technique, composition and creativity in the medium that furnished a solid theoretical basis for his move into the professional arena. Trained and mentored by one of Melbourne's leading commercial photographers James has honed his skills over the years to the point where, having shot thousands of properties, he is able to quickly identify compositional elements that best portray "the story" of the property he is photographing. This translates into top quality images that represent sales listings in the best possible light and prove attractive to buyers scanning through numerous competing properties. In addition to still photography James offers video, floor plans, copy writing and aerial photography amongst other general photography services. When not behind the camera James enjoys playing a number of musical instruments, spending time with family, going to the beach and settling in a quiet corner with a good book.