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Blade Hendricks joins the Schroeder & Wallis team bringing his high level of energy, motivation, enthusiasm and his pride in strong and honest work ethics. With a proven 8 year sales history it was a natural progression for Blade to move into the Real Estate Industry - a move that has proven to be a resounding success. Upon entering Real Estate, Blade soon realised this was where his passion lay. The ability to work with people of all kinds to help secure the perfect home is a thrill that Blade craves and being able to deliver above and beyond service to achieve results even his clients didn't believe possible. Blade's ability to face all challenges head on makes him an integral member of the Schroeder & Wallis team and a sales person that clients naturally gravitate to. Working alongside Billy Schroeder, who is the owner and Director of Schroeder & Wallis, Blade believes he has finally found his ideal role. Highly motivated and extremely organised, Blade is sure to bring you the energy you would expect to attract the best from buyers who are looking to purchase their perfect home. With Blade's determination, sales skills, and his love for fulfilling his client's dreams, he hopes to assist others in also fulfilling their real estate dreams.